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Mahali is owned by us: Floris and Leanne. We are a couple from Holland with a great passion for Africa.

The extent of our passion only became apparent when we went on our honeymoon, crossing all of Africa. We travelled all the way from Cairo to Capetown and we ended our journey on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. We fell in love with the island instantly. The culture, the climate, the ocean, we felt like we had found a very special place.

After years of working in a corporate environment we felt it was the right time for a new adventure. We decided to leave our jobs and take on new responsibilities as the owners of Mahali.

Our vision for Mahali is to combine the things that also unite us as a couple. That means we want Mahali to be a place that is suitable for both romantic retreats and athletic, adrenaline-filled holidays.

45 Employees

All of the 45 employees are Tanzanians and most of them have been here since we started out.


Most of our crew is Muslim but there are also Christians. They also represent a variety of native tribes. That means we always have a holiday to celebrate. Eid Mubarak and Merry Christmas!

Local Suppliers

We want Mahali to be an integral part of the local economy, all of our suppliers are from Zanzibar.


A good laughter is always welcome, that’s why we have fun outings with the Mahali family twice a year. We believe that if our family is happy it will show through in our service to you.

March 1, 2017

Construction Period

In the beginning we traveled back and forth from the Netherlands to Zanzibar several times to check on the progress of the construction. It was very exciting and scary at the same time. Starting April 1st Leanne stayed to oversee the last stages of construction and Floris went back to the Netherlands to build the website and do the first promotion. It was time to grow our Mahali family.

    First time reception

Checking the construction

Building the restaurant

Apr 1, 2017

Our first employees

We started with just a handful of employees in the beginning. Most of them still work with us today. We wanted Mahali to become an integral part of the local economy. To achieve this we work hand in hand with local initiatives and we employ local staff to make sure everybody benefits.

Chef Asma

Our very first employees

Chef Haidar

May 1, 2017

Our first guests

We were just finished with some of the rooms, when we welcomed our very first guests. It was so exciting and we were all so happy! Our believe was and still is: friendliness goes a long way. You will be greeted with a smile and we will try our best to fulfill your every wish.

        Spice Tour

Drinking Fresh Coconuts

First drinks at Mahali Beachbar

November 1, 2017

Having Fun

We want to know exactly what we offer our guests so to experience some of the activities we put our Mahali team on a big bus and traveled to Upendo and The Rock to have lunch. Afterwards we watched the splendid sunset in Michamvi.


In front of The Rock

Enjoying drinks

December 25, 2017

Christmas @ Mahali

Most of our staff is Muslim but there are also a few Christians who celebrate Christmas. Mahali is like a big melting pot and we celebrate all the holidays together. During our first holiday season in Zanzibar we played Christmas music and decorated a Christmas tree. For some it was the first time in their life! 

   Christmas breakfast

Beach bar crew

Employee Christmas dinner

June 15, 2018

Eid Mubarak

Our first Eid in Zanzibar was the end of Ramadhan. It was a completely new and exciting cultural experience for us. We celebrated it with delicious Biryani (a local food) and sodas.

               Lunch table

Eating Biryani

Eid Mubarak

July 15, 2018

World cup Mahali Beachbar

We have guests coming from all corners of the earth. One of the reasons we love what we do so much. During the World Cup of 2018 this was truly visible. Every game was exciting as we had locals cheering and we had so much fun with all the different nationalities under one roof.


Thrilling game

Singing the anthem

November 12, 2018

Added in the Lonely Planet

This was a special milestone for us. A friend of ours told us: “I’m sure I saw Mahali in the Lonely Planet. We were very surprised and excited. Until today we don’t know when the representatives stayed with us. They managed to keep their identity hidden very well!

  Tanzania LP


Happiness Managers

March 16, 2019

A day of Joy

This time we took our Mahali family to Stone Town and Prison Island. A big bus, a lot of music, three boats and a guide. During sunset we went to a rooftop bar and we ended the day by sharing a meal of Injera (Ethiopian food), something you should definitely try!

          Boat ride

Prison Island

Injera Ethiopian Food

June 29, 2019

Running with Mahali

For the last two years we’ve sponsored a running competition. ZANZI HALF is a race, through the streets of Stone Town, that encourages women and men to participate on equal terms despite differences in gender, faith and social background. Almost half our Mahali family participated!

              The Medals

Start point

Finish line

August 5, 2019

Mahali Soccer Team

Mahali has its very own soccer team! Our employees are very athletic and they practice on the beach in front of Mahali every day. Teams from neighboring hotels have started forming and competition is fierce. To lift team spirit we got our team a special Mahali outfit with a Dutch twist.  


Mahali Soccer Team

Special Mahali Outfit

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