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Jozani Forest


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Jozani Forest

Jozani forest is the National Park of Zanzibar. This is the largest forested area on the island. It is the only place where you can spot one of the rarest monkeys in the world: the endangered Red Colobus Monkey.

You will also find many other wild animals, unique species of birds and a variety of butterflies. Mangroves and salt marshes, that have a unique flora and fauna, surround the tropical forest. It is the perfect place to get a taste of Zanzibar’s natural beauty.

The best time to visit Jozani Forest is after breakfast when the monkeys are still active. They get a bit lazy in the afternoons, just like us humans.

Did you know?

Jozani forest is a natural pharmacy. It is an incredible source of natural remedies. It is believed the forest holds the cure to every illness. Your guide will show you some of the examples.


Red Colobus Monkey

Black Monkey

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